Introduction to the blog

From studying Biomedical sciences, to gaining various experiences in the lab and as a carer. I’m carrying what I have learnt from my past and present to help me reach my goal in the future. That goal is to become a doctor.

This is my third try and I’m determined to get in with all my efforts. This blog will touch upon my personal life, with things I have dealt with, things that interest me…medically related of course and things I have achieved.

Why do I want to become a doctor?

There are so many reasons, the generic answer being I want to help treat people. But being a doctor is more than just treating people. It’s about problem solving, being aware of the recent studies and treatments, continuous learning about the human body and more. My mother and father were one of my reasons why I want to become a doctor. My father who suffers from Type 2 diabetes and my mother who suffers from catatonic schizophrenia, I didn’t have an easy childhood. My mother mainly suffered a lot due to her condition. So from an early age, I took on many responsibilities and still do as of today.

Many challenges I have faced balancing studies and also trying to take care of my parents, but I overcame these difficulties and want to remind myself of everything I went through and everything I achieved to get to where I am today. For example, completing my Biomedical Sciences degree, I still keep what I have studied closed to my heart…or in this case on my wall. The picture below shows my study strategy when trying to remember information on human anatomy and physiology.


Hard work and dedication will pay off one day!


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